Re-improvement of Nong Kaew Childcare center, Rattanawapi, Nong Khai

Re-improvement of Nong Kaew childcare center, Nong Khai province

Nong Kaew childcare center was established for long time 40 years ago. Building is an old house that was donated from good heart people. Few years ago, FCYD Foundation supported a specific budget to the center for new construction of toilet and expansion area including playground. Today, many parts of the center; wall, doors, windows are damaged due to its long-time operated and use.  

To re-improve all parts, FCYD Foundation supported budget to buy all materials of use. However, volunteer workers are parents and young people come and help each other to repair and re-improve every part. It was not only a work to complete but also spirit and cohesion among community enhanced. Thank you for all support and contribution to help the children