Home visits to help disadvantaged young children, Muang, Loei province

Home visit and assistance to families of disadvantaged children, Na Pong, Loei province

Together with teachers from Na Pong Kindergarten School, we pay home visit to 2 families of disadvantaged children.

Family 1: Home of 5 year young girl; Jigsaw. Her mother was serious sickness of diabetes and needed to cut off her 2 legs. Elder sister is to take care all things in the house while father needs to work for daily wages. Jigsaw herself has a physical problem of her foot, causing from Achilles tendon.

Family 2: Home of 3 year young girl. Her mother has 5 children (11yr/8yr/5yr/3yr/3months). Father works for daily wages at car garage in town. Family is in difficult situation due to poverty but needed to raise all children.

Discussion to find out a better solution made with the parents including possible sponsorship from local authority. To this, we gave the parents some money as living allowance to buy good foods and some stuffs that would make their children happy. Thank you for all support and contribution to help the children .