Life skill education camp for students in Hai Sok Sub-district, Udornthani


Life skill is a compass of life and a light of living…

 By collaboration of Hai Sok Sub-district Administrative Organization, Udornthani province, a network of schools in Hai Sok sub-district #8schools and FCYD Foundation and in response to strategy of child protection at local level, it’s agreed to implement life skill development training for young students. Objective is to strengthen up knowledge and life skills for young children in different situations and ensure that they are able to protect or prevent themselves from risk situations.

Location: Sport field of Hai Sok SAO

Period: June 6-7, 2016

Targets: 140 students of primary and junior secondary education from schools in Hai Sok sub-district

Trainers: Lead by Kru Neh (Director of FCYD) and a team of new graduates from Institute of Vocational Education, Nong Khai province

Bases of live skill learning activities as follows;

Base No.1: Games; Friend or Enemy

Base No.2: Spiderman Network #planning and critical thinking

Base No.3: To reserve yourself #how to prevent from risk situation  

Base No.4: Buddhism; a way to lighten up life

Base No.5: Funny volleyball

Base No.6: A maze; don’t risk but avoid #how to prevent from danger of drugs   

At this time, the training is not taken many days but believed that all participated students would be able to “absorb” such learning skills and be able to develop it more skillful in the future. All of the interventions and inputs, it’s all for the good growth of lives of the children who hardly have been given good opportunity to learn about their social potentials. Good luck for all of you. Thank you for all supports and cooperation to make the training come true for all kids… :)