Life skill and English camp for underserved school in Nong Khai province

Life skill and English camp for Underserved-small scale school

Location: Theppatup School in Na-ngew Sub-district, Nong Khai

Target: 95 primary education students from Pratom 1 – Pratom 6

Goal: To create inspiration for the students to learn English and be able to understand a critical thinking of their own lives and dreams

Key contents: My ASEAN, My Buddhism, My Dream, My School, My Family, My Body and My Farm...

Thank you to the school director and all teachers who devote attempts and efforts to teach all students, they are really good and strong intention to learn all learning activities in the provided bases. #raining #nooutdoor   

Thank you to a group of chorus team of Teacher Tui, giving some profit from charitable mini-concert to FCYD Foundation. Thank you to Asia Schneider Thailand for caps and thank you for all donations and beautiful clothes we give it as souvenirs and awards to students… FCYD also gives books and stationeries to a school library. 

Because a small scale and underserved school does not have good resources and supports, it our FCYD's duty to do this as good as it gets to ensure equality for these students...