Volunteering in Thailand is an influential way that you can make a difference while exploring Asia. Through an understanding of English students in Thailand are able to access greater opportunities in terms of further education and their careers. Teach Thai Students is a not for profit program which pairs English speaking volunteers with less-developed schools of Northeast, Thailand to assist teachers with English classes. TTS places a priority on schools located in far provinces and districts where most students rarely meet native English speakers. As a bonus, unlike most volunteering opportunities in Thailand we do not charge program fees!

Why English?

English language has become the de facto language of global communication. As a result of complex economic, cultural, and technological forces, such as the growth of international trade, internet and on line communication, the English language is now used worldwide. Additionally, Thailand will become a member of the ASEAN Community and this will cause the English language to play a more vital role.

Why Thailand?

Thai students’ English language skills remain at a low level compared to all other countries in Asia.

  • The IMD World Competitive Yearbook 2011 ranked Singapore highest in English competency, followed by the Philippines and Malaysia. Thailand scored lower than Indonesia.
  • The EF English Proficiency Index, found that among the countries in Asia Thailand ranked as one of the lowest proficiency scores (bottom 5%).

Regardless of the ranking, it is obvious that the average Thai is has very low English proficiency. Recent online events and anecdotal evidences prove that Thais tend to be unwilling to converse in English. Thais who are fluent in English are very rare. The main culprit of these unsatisfying results is the way English is being taught in Thai schools. After over ten years of studying English in compulsory education, only a few Thais can have a decent conversation in English.

What are the problems with English education in Thailand?

  1. A focus on memorization of single words and vocabularies; a teacher-centered approach with ‘old traditional teaching style’ which does not focus on communication but on rote learning
  2. A lack of ‘critical thinking in the English classroom’; the old traditional English teaching style has limited Thai students ability to think in a creative and critical way.
  3. A questionable quality of Thai teachers; Most of the Thai teachers who teach English have not completed a major in English language. There are also concerns around classroom management

How you can help:

We currently require short and long term volunteers for placements in schools in the Northeast of Thailand. We partner with deserving schools to provide native and near native English speaking volunteers to assist in English classrooms. This purpose of this is to upgrade English teaching management for Thai schools located in the far provinces. This program is at no cost to the volunteer.

Your role and responsibilities:

You will be volunteering as a teaching assistant in deserving schools in the Northeast region of Thailand. Short term volunteers will be placed within cycling distance of Nong Khai. Positions are available from kindergarten to secondary school levels. Your main role is to get the students excited about learning English! You will spend no more than 22 hours a week assisting with the delivery of English lessons. You will provide support in lesson planning and curriculum development with a focus on communicative activities. This is a great opportunity to become a role model and change the course of these student’s lives!

Program bonuses (Long Term 6-10 months)

  • Orientation, support and monitoring
  • Private accommodation in school community
  • Bicycle or moped
  • Visa type ‘O’ *
  • Work permit
  • Social security
  • Stipend (enough to cover living expenses in Thailand)

* In cases of eligibility and preference visa type B is available

Program Bonuses (Short term 1-3 months)

  • Orientation, support and monitoring
  • Lunch at school
  • Visa type ‘O’ available on request
  • Accommodation and bicycle (dependent on school’s availability)


  • Long term – Native or near native English ability, 3-4 year degree or equivalent in any subject, TEFL certificate or teaching experience preferred
  • Short term - Native or near native English ability, TEFL certificate or teaching experience preferred

Interested? Apply here or email
fcyd2014 [at] gmail.com for more information

Orientation for Volunteers:

With our strong knowledge base in teacher training, the Fellowship Foundation for Child and Youth Development provides intensive training and orientation for selected international volunteers. The courses are essential for volunteers entering Thai schools. The sessions will address the unique needs and concerns that volunteers will encounter in the classroom, when working with students and teachers and when living in the surrounding communities. Orientation is also includes a basic introduction to Thai language and how to behave with local traditions and cultures. The FCYD as a central coordinator also has a 24-hour communication hotline open for all volunteer inquiries. Furthermore, continuous mentoring, school visits, classroom observations and round-table evaluations are regular method of ensuring quality in the classroom, living conditions, and school support.