Existing realities to the children at present, it is not achieved as it should be for every family. Moreover, there are some incidents identified as crisis to quality of life of the children. It happened from time to time and never ever disappeared from Thai’s societies. What a cause and stimulation! Fate of child’s life or their retribution or inappropriate parenting practices or combined it ALL.

On behalf of parents or grandparents or person who raise the children, what do you do to ensure that your parenting and child rearing practices are correct and suitable to existing situations and environments? Is it good enough to get along well with changing world of digital and technological movement? How can you manage your smartphone that give it to your children?

Because of good child rearing and parenting practices, it will make the children to be good adolescent and adult persons. At the same time, they also will be good Thai citizens.

Project to development children age 0-6 years old is a master plan of FCYD Foundation and being continuously implemented since 2016. Activities comprised parent training, pregnant women & new mother training and childcare teacher training. Project collaboration has been kicked off and related to local authorities e.g. sub-district admin. Organizations, hospitals, schools and childcare centers in different areas where we’ve worked in. ECCD program is included the project of renovation for damaged childcare centers where building and environments are damaged and probable dangerous to children’s health.

FCYD Foundation continued doing all of these activities and extended more contents and areas of implementations in upper Northeast of Thailand (Esaan region). Importantly, we received good responses and supports from all relevant organizations and networks where we worked. For parent training, we have been supported good knowledge and information of EF-Executive Function from well-known Physician/Psychiatrist Doctor Prasert Phalitphonkarnpim. For teacher training, we have specialized instructor of early childhood education from Ratchapat Udornthani University.